Monday, March 9, 2015

Book Review - Rainmaker

This past week I was traveling. On my return trip home I picked up a book in the airport to read on my way home. The name of the book was "How To Become A Rainmaker-The Rules for Getting and Keeping Customers and Clients" written by Jeffrey J. Fox. 
The book was a quick read at only 169 small pages. I was able to read the book within two hours-perfect for my journey home. There were several good points that were worthy of a review for an experienced salesman, but there were no "life-changing" strategies in this read. It did hold my attention and I was able take away four or five great ideas that I could put to use quickly.
Jeffrey J. Fox describes a "rainmaker" as someone who brings in revenue to an organization-or someone that can make it rain dollars. Much like the American Indian tradition that told of magical powers that could produce rain so that the crops would grow. Yes, this is a book for a person in the sales profession-but wait, during your next job interview, you too are a salesperson. Much like I have said in previous blogs, to interview well, you must be able to sell yourself!
Chapter 3 addresses the question; "Why should this customer do business with us?" Jeffrey says as a salesperson, you should always be able to answer this question. In that same vein, I'll say you should always be able to answer this question; "Why  should this employer hire me?" You can see the obvious parallels between selling products and selling yourself during the job interview process.
If you are in sales or want to be, pick it up - its well worth your time. If you are not in sales, I would encourage you to read a non-fiction, professional book at least 4 times per year. You'll grow as a professional!
What's the last book you've read? (You just might be asked this at your next interview!)
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