Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Are you ready?

You have an upcoming job interview. Your resume was impressive and the phone interview went well. You now are invited to meet with a real hiring manager - face to face. You are probably very excited and nervous.

You begin to think ahead about being offered the position. You start daydreaming about your new job. You envision yourself at your new company. You can almost feel your new desk. You start thinking about how you are going to allocate all of your new found income. It is all so exciting!

But wait.
Before you get ahead of yourself, you should really focus on preparation.

Are you ready?

Are you truly prepared? This interview could be responsible for the best position you have ever held! Or, it could turn out to be a disaster and haunt you for years! You will always wonder; What if? What if I was better prepared?
Some aspects of the interview process are well within your control and influence. Other things you can not control or influence.  I submit to you the following advice: Focus on what you can control and influence.
Here are 3 things that you CAN control and influence during your upcoming job interview:

1.) Your appearance. Look and act like a true professional. When in doubt about how to dress, dress up. You can't make a million bucks if you don't look like a million bucks. If you are not sure of how  you should dress, ask someone with some interview experience.

2.) Your attitude/passion. If you don't bring some passion and swagger to your interview, most likely you are at the wrong company interviewing for the wrong job. And, most likely, you will be exposed. So, ask yourself; Is this really how I want to spend my time?

3.) Your level of preparation. Are you truly prepared? Some job seekers don't even know what they don't know! Do you know all you can about the company? Their products? Their market? Their competitors? Are you really ready for the types of questions that may get asked of you? Do you know how to sell yourself? Do you know how to follow-up at the end of your interview? Do you know how to become the one candidate they can't live without?
A mock interview with an experienced hiring manager will truly test your level of preparation. Not questions that your roommate or partner ask, but a real life experience with open and honest feedback. Why risk such an opportunity? Why not be truly prepared?
If you can focus on the three aspects mentioned above during your next job interview you will greatly enhance your odds of a second interview or better yet-a job offer. These are skills that can be learned and improved upon. Good luck!
Our firm provide mock interviews with an experienced hiring manager. We also provide open and honest feedback to ensure that you are truly prepared. We score clients on over 30 individual aspects of an interview from your hand shake to your closing remarks and follow up.
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